Today, at the General Meeting The Textile Partnership in Berlin, the IT tool developed by WeSustain to check and measure the sustainability progress of the users was activated. The WeSustain software supports all members in the definition and implementation of their measures for more sustainability in the textile supply chain – for example by means of living wages, better working conditions or the absence of toxic chemicals.

All members are requested to set themselves ambitious goals. Using the WeSustain software, the initial situation is analyzed by means of key questions, in order to define individual goals on this basis. This first step is to be completed by the end of January 2017. Afterwards the implementation starts directly. In 2018, the members report on their progress and evaluate the goal achievement externally by an independent provider. That makes achievements transparent and verifiable.

The tailor-made WeSustain tool supports this review process to make the continuous learning, improvement and change process of the Alliance members measurable in the long term. The web-based software is now accessible to all members of The Textile Partnership. The solution allows them to easily and flexibly collect and evaluate data and ensure maximum data security.



Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien

About the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

The partnership for sustainable textiles was established by the cooperation of businesses, associations, NGOs, unions, standard organizations and the German government. They bundle their expertise and engagement to reach social, environmental and economic improvements within the supplier chain. In collaboration with each other the actors develop approaches to solve these complex challenges.