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As responsible management becomes increasingly important for associations and initiatives, taking it to a professional level poses a significant managerial challenge. The requirements to be met and the levers that can be applied to make core business more sustainable vary greatly from sector to sector. One thing’s for certain, though: Growing regulation, an increasing number of sector-specific standards, and rising expectations surrounding consumer and supply-chain sustainability are making it essential to represent industry sectors’ interests effectively in the context of sustainable development.

As a result, a growing number of private-sector and industry associations – domestic and international – are offering member organisations support and guidance on how to professionalise their sustainability management. These associations are powerful partners and thought-leaders when it comes to setting legal and technical standards, who also have the weight and reach to establish common, viable solutions.

Instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all solution, WeSustain’s software can adapt flexibly to your industry sectors’ specific needs and requirements. You can offer members the means to take corporate sustainability to a professional level with a standards-compliant and collaboration-driven solution from WeSustain that lets them combine their strengths and expertise and learn from one another.

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