05 Jul 2021
Target audience: Investors (limited partners, LP), Institutional Investors, Private Equity Firms, Real Estate Investors, Infrastructure Investors, other interested financial players
Dates:  July 21, 2021 – 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. | Registration

Note: This webinar will be held in English!

Brief Description:

With the Sustainable Finance Action Plan, the European Union intends to promote more sustainable economic growth, ensure a stable and inclusive financial system, and strengthen transparency and sustainability in the financial and real economy.

The first regulations in this direction have been introduced by the EU as well as at the national level, and they are further strengthening the already increasing relevance of ESG aspects in investment activities. For this reason, a large number of investors are now integrating ESG criteria into their investment and risk processes and are transparently facing up to the new transformation task of the financial market with professional ESG management.

Get an insight into ESG practice and its requirements for professional ESG management in the webinar with the ESG experts from TAUW and the IT experts from WeSustain. The focus will lie on a short overview of the current ESG practice and the exchange around current challenges in the financial market, especially with regard to the implementation of current regulatory requirements of the SFDR and the EU Taxonomy. In addition, you will gain insights on how to address these challenges through digital and standardized implementation with software solutions.

Bring your individual questions and experiences around ESG practice. At the end of the webinar, TAUW and WeSustain will be available to answer your questions.


The topics of the webinar at a glance:

  • Why is ESG or ESG criteria currently high on the agenda of many financial players?
  • What are the current challenges and opportunities in ESG practice?
  • How important are automated processes for meeting the new SFDR regulatory requirements and why is it advisable to build digital processes?



15 May 2018

Hanover, 15.05.2018: WeSustain at the 5th International Reporting 3.0 Conference 2018 in Amsterdam

After a short break we will be back at the Reporting 3.0 this year. At our booth, as in previous years, we offer comprehensive insights into the diverse possibilities of our software solutions for professional CSR management. Also in the context of a live demo. We look forward to your visit at our booth!

Interested parties can register for the conference on the pages of the reporting 3.0.

26 Feb 2018

Hannover, 26.02.2018: WeSustain at the DQS Sustainability Conference 2018

This year, once again, we will be present with a booth at the fifth DQS Sustainability Conference on April 11, 2018 in Frankfurt

Main topics this year are:

  • Sustainable Procurement: Help, my supply chain does not match! vs. Help, my clients want to define my sustainability agenda!
  • The SDGs – Three years after the launch
  • Low-budget sustainability: sustainability management without significant investment!
  • Sustainability Reporting: Materiality high³ – determine what you report !

At our booth, as in previous years, we offer comprehensive insights into the diverse possibilities of our software solutions for professional CSR management. Also in the context of a live demo. We look forward to your visit at our booth!

Interested parties can register for the conference until the 6th of April on the pages of the DQS.

09 Jan 2018

Hanover, 09.01.2018: WeSustain’s Declaration of Conformity opens reporting season of the DNK.

Once again, we submitted our DNK Conformity statement. With our 2017 declaration, we were the first to be updated in the DNK database this year.

In a Declaration of Conformity, companies report how they comply with the 20 criteria of the DNK or explain plausibly why a criterion may not be reported. The declaration of conformity is entered in the DNK database and can be viewed by anyone who is interested. In particular, financial analysts and investors use this to assess sustainability performance of companies.

The German Sustainability Code (DNK) is an internationally applicable reporting standard for sustainability aspects. The Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) decided on the DNK on 13 October 2011 after an upstream, comprehensive stakeholder process. The German Sustainability Code (DNK) provides a framework for reporting on non-financial benefits, which can be used by organizations and companies of all sizes and legal forms.

21 Nov 2017

On November 23 and 24, experts from marketing and sales of the insurance industry will be meeting in Cologne for the AMC Fall Meeting 2017. Besides talks about current trends and best practices, recounts of pratical experience for the practice will also be part of the agenda. WeSustain, together with the Fährmannschaft, a consulting firm from Munich, will be presenting the topic “CSR & Insurers” at the meeting.

Arno Kunert and Michael Barsakidis, both from WeSustain, will represent us and our WeSustain software both on stage and in the exhibition. On November 23, 2017, at 2.30 pm, Arno Kunert will be speaking on the subject of “Software-supported Sustainability Management: What not only first-time reporters should know” in one of the project forums.

The CSR reporting requirement introduced at the beginning of the year as well as recently raised expectations of interest groups increase the need for professional sustainability management – especially in the insurance sector.
A specialised csr-software beyond Excel & co saves time and energy and simplifies the reporting process signifcantly, regardless of whether you are a first time reporter or already experienced. Using concrete practical examples, our speaker Arno Kunert will explain successful methods paving the way to more efficiency and target-group orientated communication.

More information and a program overview can be found unter: http://www.amc-forum.de/content/veranstaltung/details.php?id=1904

The AMC is the moderated network of the insurance sector and its partners. It provides its more than 150 member companies with trends, best practices and experience for marketing and sales. Practice-oriented and with personal access for specialists and executives.