05 Oct 2016
WeSustain and the Sustainablility Accounting Standard Board (SASB) are hosting two webinars together.

>> Topic: Next level of sustainability management

>> Content: The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, SASB, developed 79 industry standards to help companies of every industry to align their internal management on the small handful of sustainability factors most likely to drive value, and more efficiently and effectively disclose information on those topics to investors. With the software tools from WeSustain it is possible to manage and disclose those SASB standards. How that works exactly, will be explained by our experts during the webinars.


24 Aug 2016

From 8 to 9 November 2016 WeSustain will attend the next Verdantix EH&S Summit Europe in Amsterdam!

As an independent analyst and research agency in the area of EH&S, energy and CSR, Verdantix offers its clients comprehensive support for long-term success in sustainable business. The company’s portfolio covers research studies, trend forecasts and benchmarks as well as consulting services with a key focus on EH&S software tools. Verdantix is headquartered in the city of London and has a further branch office in New York. (more…)

11 Aug 2016

WeSustain attends the next network meeting „Sustainable Brands“ from 26 to 28 September 2016 in Kopenhagen.

Sustainable Brands is considered as one of the leading global communities of business innovators from all sectors, which strives to support a large number of brands and enterprises on their way towards a more sustainable economy.


23 May 2016
After four days and 470.48 kms the moment had finally come: Despite the sometimes adverse weather conditions during his journey, our cyclist Matthias arrived punctually in the evening before the conference opened its doors and has been welcomed at the RAI Convention Center by Sabine Content from the GRI committee and the other members of the WeTeam! (more…)

14 Jan 2016

Entrepreneurs, sustainability managers and csr experts will join an interactive dialogue! Exchange of experience and knowledge regarding corporate social responsibility is one of the event’s main objectives. WeSustain will act as a partner of the 2nd CSRcamp on January 25th at Berlin’s eco-friendly event center “Jerusalemkirche”.