These are the faces behind WeSustain

Name: Dr. Manfred Heil
Hometown: Hannover
Position: CEO
Member since: 2009

My Tasks:

I am coaching the WeSustain-team in order to create and deliver the best sustainability and compliance software in the world.

Why Sustainability:

I’ve never been able to separate work from private life. Work and career go together have to “make sense”. Therefore, it’s not only about commercial success but also about achieving a positive impact on society and stakeholders. Combining both dimensions makes the perfect job. At WeSustain I have the opportunity to work “purpose-driven”, yet we forster a professional environment.


Three goals from my bucket list:

  • Summer canoe-trip with my son in Finland
  • Descending from a farmer’s family I like t get into bio-agriculture one day
  • Travers the alps hiking

Without these websites / apps I would be stranded:

It’s amazing how much knowledge and experience is shared over platforms like youtube. From basic house improvement to astrophysics you find so much useful advice in video tutorials.