These are the faces behind WeSustain

Name: Michael Corty
Hometown: Hannover – Langenhagen
Position: Chief Architect
Member since: August 2010

My Tasks:

I am responsible for the secure operation of our software and servers. As a data protection officer, data protection is particularly close to my heart.


Why Sustainability:

Since humanity has only this one planet, we should care for it and cherish it so that it remains a home for future generations.


Why WeSustain:

The challenge of shaping the development and growth of a software solution from the initial idea to a successful and widely used product appeals to me.


Three goals from my bucket list:

  1. A motorbike tour through New Zealand
  2. Win a Grand Ouvert at a Prize Skat
  3. Build a Lego city with a lego railway


Without these websites / apps I would be stranded: