These are the faces behind WeSustain

Name: Michael Schnerring
Hometown: Walldorf
Position: Director of Sales
Member since: November 2019
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What are your tasks at WeSustain? 

As Director Sales, I manage sales for our core products at WeSustain. This primarily involves managing our own sales team and supporting and developing selected sales partnerships and tender processes.


Why are you enthusiastic about sustainability – professionally and/or privately?

Both in terms of age and professional experience, I already have a decade or two “under my belt” (laughs). Over time, the view of things changes. For example, in the mostly larger industrial companies where I worked before WeSustain, e.g. in mechanical engineering, the banking sector or in management consulting, I have witnessed several cases of social hardship, some of which were necessary but some of which were absolutely avoidable, among colleagues or in my own body. As a child in my home town of Baden near Freiburg, I also witnessed the environmental problems caused by the massively polluted Rhine and the resulting death of fish. I am therefore very motivated to help bring about the necessary changes for more sustainability in the economy.


Why do you like working at WeSustain?

On the one hand, it is very satisfying and meaningful for me to be able to make a personal contribution to our customers’ increasingly environmentally and socially compatible economic performance and to make it transparent through our digital software solutions for the collection and control of corresponding non-financial data and parameters. On the other hand, it is gratifying that I can work at WeSustain in a rather small, manageable structure characterised by personal relationships and contribute my previous experience.


What are your 3 Bucket List goals that you would like to achieve with WeSustain?  

It is close to my heart to operate sustainably with WeSustain and to continue to satisfy our customers so that they continue to rely on WeSustain when it comes to data management around responsible corporate governance. This means responding quickly, flexibly and competently to new requirements.

If we succeed in this, I can also achieve my personal goal at WeSustain: Namely, to continue working for the company for a long time.


Without which website/app would you be lost?

Currently without an app like “Strava”. Since I like to ride a road bike and my bike computer gave up some time ago. It’s very satisfying and exciting to see how many kilometres are accumulated over the course of a year, and to network with other training-minded friends and colleagues.