These are the faces behind WeSustain

Name: Moritz Härtel
Hometown: Ankum, Germany
Position: Head of Development
Member since: June 2015
Moritz Haertel

My Tasks:

I am part of the software development team where we implement new features to our software in order to improve the user experience of our customers. Furthermore I plan and manage the implementation of new ideas and approaches on software architecture and give advice to the sales team on technical issues.


Why Sustainability:

A fair and respectful treatment of people, animals and nature is the only way that future generations can grow up in a world worth living in.


Why WeSustain:

What I like at WeSustain is that since we are a relatively small company, I get interesting insights to a lot of different areas of the company. Since I am responsible for various customer-specific projects, I am able to live out a variety of my interests and skills in the implementation in addition to my technical passion.


Three goals from my bucket list:

  1. Live on a farm
  2. Climb a high mountain
  3. A trekking tour through Scandinavia


Without these websites / apps I would be stranded: