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Wesustain’s software solutions for responsible business management

WeSustain supplies proven, forward-looking IT solutions engineered to support corporate sustainability, impact assessment, ESG compliance, plant and building operator compliance, and transparent audit processes along the supply chain.

By choosing our software, you build on an advanced approach to data management that simplifies taking care of day-to-day business, giving you greater freedom to innovate.


Our software belongs to the few solutions in the market, which are supported and audited by high-profile bodies and initiatives (like the Global Reporting Initiative, GRI) for sustainable and responsible business management:


They are powerful, elaborated solutions designed to enable professional process and data management. Capable of integrating flexibly with your existing information technology, they support sustainability, impact, ESG and compliance management within the enterprise – all key tasks for a responsible business. You can assign defined tasks and permissions to ensure that users at their virtual work points within a given workflow know exactly what to do. Each software solution has a well-designed, clearly structured user interface to make navigation easy and intuitive.

When it comes to sustainability, ESG, compliance or impact management, complexity is generally caused by differences in data sources and formats used in different departments or units across an organisation. WeSustain’s solutions not only help you to centrally collect and automatically consolidate and process all your key data, but to manage processes efficiently as well. They’re also designed to provide an online collaboration platform so that you can work with coworkers easily and effectively.

The sheer range of data sources and types to be managed means Excel-based tools soon reach their limits, particularly in large, complex organisations with multiple locations or satellite offices. WeSustain’s software solutions incorporate automated approval procedures and other workflows that make managing processes more efficient. They also support decentralised data collection on a central platform. This in particular promotes transparency and efficiency, and provides a basis for effective collaboration within the organisation. However, if you still want to collect or edit data in Excel, it takes nothing more than a mouse-click to import and export it into and out of WeSustain’s software.

WeSustain’s solutions are designed to be flexible so that you can easily map your organisational structure and processes to our software. We go through your organisation’s specific requirements with you during an initial consultation to see if we need to customise any functions or modules.

Our software includes interfaces to a comprehensive range of other systems so that it can integrate easily with your organisation’s current IT environment. Your existing databases and systems can also integrate easily with your WeSustain solution. What’s more, you don’t need to adapt or alter your IT in order to use our software, because it can be managed in the cloud and won’t clash with other applications.

The requirements are minimal: All you need is an internet-connected computer running a current web browser. This means you always have access to WeSustain’s cloud-optimised solutions, whether you’re on a PC or a mobile device. But if you prefer, you can opt for on-premises integration with your current IT environment instead.

All our solutions – for sustainability, impact, ESG and compliance management – incorporate key standards, which we update automatically. These include GRI, DNK, SAM-DJSI, ISO, CDP, the SDGs, ESG criteria, and legal compliance regulations on industrial operators’ responsibilities. This gives you peace of mind because you can be confident that you’re working to, and compliant with, the latest standards. Plus, we cross-reference these standards so that you can quickly see where they cover common ground. That way you can work to more than one standard at once without having to record the same data over and over again.

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