The software for professional and reliable ESG management in the entire investment lifecycle.

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As an investor, you are making your investment decisions more and more in accordance with ESG criteria. As a portfolio, asset or risk manager, you also have to report on ESG-relevant data.

With WeSustain’s powerful and efficient IT infrastructure “ESG Portfolio Management Solution” you can ensure your ESG compliance along a structured and reliable process.


  • Use a central platform to manage your individual ESG-relevant processes in a time- and cost-efficient manner.
  • Collect and control your ESG data with a reliable software
  • Manage your ESG due diligence reviews and benchmarks and proactively identify your ESG risks
  • Ensure your ESG compliance with integrated standards and frameworks (e.g. SDGs, UN PRI, TCFD etc.)
  • Easily create internal and external reports at the enterprise, product, portfolio and/or project level, for example, and provide transparency – at any time – into your ESG-relevant data and processes.
  • Improve your data quality by input validation
  • Control your portfolios, funds and projects with system-supported risk analyses

WeSustain’s IT infrastructure enables you as an investor or investee to efficiently collaborate, collect, analyze and exchange relevant data on a common platform.


  • Planning and controlling of ESG-relevant processes based on SDGs and many other recognized standards
  • Measurement and consolidation of performance indicators for all financial products such as funds, portfolios, private equity, infrastructure projects, real estate, etc.
  • Documentation, management and monitoring (bottom-up and top-down) e.g. of portfolios
  • Administration of approvals, reminder mails, evaluations and analyses
  • Acquisition and validation of ESG-relevant data (also via interfaces)


The Paris Climate Agreement, the Sustainability Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs), the Sustainability Agenda 2030 and an action plan of the European Union as well as the recommendations of the Task Force for climate related financial disclosure (TCFD) have mapped out the way for a transformation of the economic and financial sector towards sustainable finance.

With the Action Plan “Sustainable Finance”, the European Union aims to strengthen a sustainable and resource-efficient economy based on sustainable growth with the help of financial approaches and instruments.

Due to increasing regulations, “sustainable finance” is becoming the new imperative of the financial sector and confronts managers with new challenges. A professional and consistent ESG management and the creation of internal and external reports can be time consuming and costly.

The “ESG Portfolio Management” Software supports you exactly in this situation: Build a professional ESG management with WeSustain’s IT infrastructure and ensure your ESG compliance.

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