About us


The founding history of WeSustain

In April 2021, Cority, a global leader in the EHS software market, acquired WeSustain. You can read more about the acquisition here.

WeSustain was formed in 2010 by four software and management professionals with an SAP background who wanted to build a company from the ground up to pursue a new business idea: to create software solutions designed to support responsible businesses and provide the kind of data collection and management capabilities they could rely on.

Driven by a desire to see what difference it would make if businesses, assisted by the right software solutions, could become incrementally more sustainable, WeSustain initially developed a solutions portfolio that covered the action areas at the core of sustainability management today – from materiality analysis and performance metrics to data collection and reporting.

Since creating its field-proven Enterprise Sustainability Management solution, WeSustain has widened its portfolio to cover related areas of responsible management, creating software for impact assessment, ESG management and operator compliance.

In recent years, WeSustain has advanced to become a leading software provider and specialist of responsible business management solutions.