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In the white paper entitled “Sustainability Development in the Real Economy as a Forerunner of ESG Development on the Financial Market”, we address the development of entrepreneurial sustainability in the real economy in the last decades and thus derive forecasts for the ESG development on the financial market.

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The whitepaper “Digitisation as key to professional ESG management” gives an insight into the broad sustainability approach for responsible investing in alternative investments. How digital processes promote responsible investment according to ESG criteria.

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The whitepaper “Impact Management” by WeSustain provides an insight into the cross-company issue that is becoming increasingly important as CSR management becomes more professional. What role tools and software solutions play in this.

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On what basis CSR data is collected and processed in the company should be a carefully considered decision. First-time reporters often choose obvious solutions like a combination of Excel and e-mail. Once complex amounts of data and corresponding demands on form and extent of the report are involved, this often turns out to be an insufficient approach.

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