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We apply our skills and expertise to design and engineer software that solves the challenges of managing businesses responsibly and delivers solutions you can depend on.

Thanks to partner organisations that work with us on content, technology and consulting, we can offer you the broad base of support you need to take your sustainable management ideas to the next level.

We work closely with these organisations to develop optimum solutions to meet your needs.

The Bundesverband Alternative Investments e.V. (BAI) is the cross-asset and cross-product advocacy association for the Alternative Investments industry in Germany. The BAI is the catalyzer between professional German investors and recognized worldwide providers of Alternative Investments products and services of a relatively young industry.

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GRI Content used with permission

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is an independent international organisation that helps businesses, governments and other organisations understand and communicate the impact of business on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, corruption and more. It has pioneered sustainability reporting since the late 1990s, transforming it from a niche practice to one now adopted by a growing majority of organisations. With thousands of reporters in over 90 countries, GRI provides the world’s most widely used standards on sustainability reporting and disclosure, enabling businesses, governments, civil society and citizens to make better decisions based on information that matters.

With more than 7,000 participating companies, the UNGC is the world’s largest CSR network. As a voluntary strategic initiative it strives to motivate companies to align their business activities and strategies with its Ten Principles focusing on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption to create a sustainable and inclusive global economy. WeSustain has committed to uphold and promote the UNGC’s Ten Principles.


Created and maintained by the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE), the Sustainability Code sets out 20 criteria that describe the minimum requirements for sustainability reporting. It provides organisations of any size, in any sector and of any legal form with a disclosure framework for non-financial reporting. WeSustain, an official Sustainability Code partner publishes its own Sustainability Code declaration of conformity.


The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board™ (SASB)™ is an independent organisation that issues industry-specific standards for use in disclosing material sustainability information, primarily for filings to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Its founder and CEO is Dr. Jean Rogers. More than 2,800 individuals representing $23.4 trillion in assets under management and $11 trillion in market capital have participated in multi-stakeholder industry working groups informing standards development. As an Enterprise Resource Planning Partner, WeSustain supports reporting to SASB standards in it solutions.

The firesys GmbH, located in Frankfurt am Main, has established itself in the area of financial reporting since 1989. More than 150 customers not only rely on automated and practical solutions, but also appreciate the personal support. For each customer project the whole potential is used: experience, expertise, innovation and quality standards. On the basis of Microsoft® Office all publications can be created inhouse with highest design quality and in the corporate design. firesys ensures a smooth process – from the data connection to the publication in different formats (PDF, HTML, XBRL).

As a WeSustain technology partner, T-Systems supports business customers and Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customer unit with a global data center, network infrastructure and integrated solutions for tomorrow’s connected businesses and societies. Some 50,000 T-Systems employees combine expertise with ICT innovations to add significant value to customers’ services strategies and core businesses all over the world.

T-Systems and WeSustain

Raphael Becker

“Providing the line of business as a new target group among our clients with an attractive offer and being able to support the digital transformation of sustainability management reporting processes has opened up new possibilities for us.” – Raphael Becker, T-Systems

T-Systems International GmbH and WeSustain began pooling their expertise in late November 2013. The idea behind this partnership – to create a new collaborative cloud-based environment to tap into the strengths of specialist partner organisations – laid the foundations for a working relationship that has continued through to the present day. Besides data center infrastructure and platforms, the portfolio was extended to include SaaS-provisioned software tools from independent vendors. Since then, WeSustain’s Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM) suite has been available alongside other solutions in T-Systems’ cloud ecosystem, and itself is produced in a T-Systems data center. This successful and dynamic collaboration has served as a blueprint for many other partnerships.

Raphael Becker, Business Development Manager Cloud, has been at the front and center of our business relationship with T-Systems. An uncomplicated, flexible, inspiring and intensive partnership of equals, it’s not just about joint marketing activities but a dynamic give-and-take that encourages innovative thinking and mutual learning.

Two memorable milestones for Becker are the signing of the agreement that marked the start of our collaboration, and winning our first joint customer. The latter was proof positive that partnering up had given rise to an attractive portfolio of services for end-customers. At the same time, we were making a positive contribution to the customer’s sustainability strategy.

The benefits for customers lie in the strengths, specific capabilities and expertise united within the partnership – WeSustain’s best-in-class application, and Deutsche Telekom’s know-how when it comes to the cloud, data centers and security. The exceptional data protection and security, too, give customers peace of mind.

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Enterprise sustainability management is both highly complex and collaborative in that it involves bringing together large quantities of data from multiple divisions across the enterprise. This calls for a flexible, efficient, high-availability IT environment. IBM’s cloud solutions offer an ideal platform on which to run WeSustain’s software solutions. Conforming to the highest information security standards (SOC2, ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018), built on the very latest technology and with all data stored 100% in Germany, these solutions are a compelling offering – both from our perspective as an IBM partner and our customers’. WeSustain’s software expertise in the area of responsible business management, paired with IBM’s dependability as an internationally acknowledged cloud service provider, guarantees customers professional, highly efficient cloud-based management and reporting capabilities.


The SGS Group is the world’s leading testing, inspection, verification and certification company. SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH, headquartered in Sulzbach, Germany, is the joint venture of the SGS Group Germany and TÜV Saarland e.V.. Whether in the field of machine or plant safety for lifts and materials handling systems, in electrical and building services engineering or in the safety of pressure equipment, SGS-TÜV Saar is a leading provider of industrial services under the motto “traditionally innovative”.

Since autumn 2019, WeSustain combines its IT expertise in the form of the “Enterprise Compliance Management” solution with the consulting expertise of the experts from SGS-TÜV Saar for companies in the industry and facility management sector. Together, WeSustain and SGS-TÜV Saar provide support in the areas of occupational and operational safety, plant and building maintenance, necessary inspections and tests as well as the fulfillment of operator obligations within the framework of operational compliance management.


Our partner BCC Business Communications Consulting – based in Frankfurt (Main) and Berlin – initiates and supports transformation processes geared toward higher sustainability awareness at the economic and societal level. BCC’s range of services covers strategy development, sustainability framework implementation, change management, and reporting. “As sustainability consultants, we support public institutions, the industrial sector and medium sized companies. Given that our roots are in communications, we always strive to develop solutions with a focus on implementation,” says Mr. Mathias Pianowski, who heads up BCC’s sustainability and innovation unit. Together with BCC, WeSustain offers “Your sustainability report at a fixed price,” a package comprising a complete report from a single source, created to international standards, with comprehensive process support and software-based data management.


Our project partner concern is a specialist consultancy for corporate responsibility management. Founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the University of Bayreuth’s renowned Philosophy & Economics program and based in Cologne, it offers individual services in various areas of consulting, metrics and training designed to help organisations develop and deliver CR strategies along the value chain. A major milestone in our collaboration with concern was the co-development of the CR-Kompass.


We work with imug to assist companies with sustainability strategies and tracking as well as performance improvement and communications. “Having helped customers to set up sustainability indicator systems for many years, we’re delighted to be working with WeSustain to offer customers a software solution to streamline their CSR management. Organisations with a complex KPI structure in particular need consistent and reliable data as a foundation for professional and successful sustainability management”, says Stefan Dahle, head of imug’s CSR division.

Schlage & Co.

Schlange & Co. (S&C) is a Hamburg and New York management consultancy with more than 16 years’ experience in corporate responsibility and sustainability. It assists companies with strategy development, organisation and implementation, the definition of performance indicators and reporting, and the selection, implementation and operation of CR software.

Stakholder Reporting

The business world is on a path toward a new quality of corporate governance, a transition  in which stakeholders are becoming a driving force. As a result, companies engage increasingly with their stakeholder base in an open dialogue through which they demonstrate their citizenship while integrating corporate responsibility into their processes by actively managing stakeholder expectations as value drivers. Stakeholder Reporting has carried this idea forward to develop an integrated consulting approach with a unique combination of communication, strategy and management.

Sustainalize is a team of professionals and consultants specialised in helping companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany find the right answers to sustainability challenges. Since 2010 Sustainalize has been helping them with strategy, data collection, impact assessments, reporting and reviews. The team designs sustainability KPIs and supports strategic implementation with the goal of improving the quality and impact of external sustainability reports.

Lena Hülsmann, a consultant at Sustainalize, explains why WeSustain is a perfect partner: “One of our core competencies is to advise on and help develop processes for collecting non-financial data. As non-financial reporting becomes increasingly professional, reliable data collection plays a crucial role. WeSustain provides the kind of professional infrastructure that makes this possible.

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