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ESG Management has evolved as an integral element of modern investment strategies in private markets. Limited partners expect transparency and professional reporting along ESG-frameworks and criteria from their general partners and consultants. This covers the entire investment lifecycle from due diligence of funds and assets, portfolio management up to performance optimisation to the exit phase.

With WeSustain ESG managers can actively operate ESG as a new corporate function. They leverage the latest concepts, standards and taxonomies like UN PRI, TCFDs, SDGs etc. and drive improvements of transparency and performance. Our software supports all parties involved along the process. But, we do not stop on the level of data exchange like most other solutions, but actually help to improve ESG performance for higher value and returns of investors and stakeholders. Most current software solutions are limited to survey functionalities, but lack substantial ESG expertise. The challenge remains how to collect and compute the raw data at asset level or even more granular within a particular asset or location.

Here is where WeSustain kicks in: The software contains all the granular data and methods. For instance it allows for calculating carbon footprints in various scopes based on consumption or emission data

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