These are the faces behind WeSustain

Name: Kai Richter
Hometown: Gifhorn
Position: Project Manager
Member since: September 2016
Kai Richter 213x213

My Tasks:

As a project manager, I accompany our customers from the start of the project (kick-off) to data acquisition and am also available for advice and support in the support team.


Why Sustainability:

There cannot and must not be a “business as usual” in consumer behaviour and environmental awareness. It is gratifying that a change in thinking is now taking place and that I can support part of this process with our customers.


Why WeSustain:

Tackling big issues in a small team is fun and always a positive challenge. Nice colleagues with diverse backgrounds and exciting customer projects throughout Europe make WeSustain a top employer for me.


Three goals from my bucket list:

  1. Triathlon long distance (if necessary also Hawaii)
  2. World tour as drummer of my band (which I still have to found)
  3. Experience a world that offers security and justice for all people


Without these websites / apps I would be stranded:

The offline function of my smartphone