WeSustain and the Sustainablility Accounting Standard Board (SASB) are hosting two webinars together.

>> Topic: Next level of sustainability management

>> Content: The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, SASB, developed 79 industry standards to help companies of every industry to align their internal management on the small handful of sustainability factors most likely to drive value, and more efficiently and effectively disclose information on those topics to investors. With the software tools from WeSustain it is possible to manage and disclose those SASB standards. How that works exactly, will be explained by our experts during the webinars.

In the first webinar we will provide you with all the background information about SASB and give you exclusive insights into the commercial banks sector. How the setup of the industry-specific metrics works in the WeSustain software we will show you live in our software.

Based on the first webinar were will be digging deeper into practical examples. With the help of relevant use cases our experts will outline how to achieve the goals of the standards and report them with the robust (advanced?) software tools of WeSustain. If you would like us to refer to your specific industry, just let us know when you register.

Please also inform us which of the two webinars you are going to join. We recommend attending both, since they will be building up on one other.

>> Dates:

> 3rd of November, 4:30 pm (CET) “Next level of sustainability management – Part 1″: SASB background, commercial banks // Setup of KPI and metrics in WeSustain

> 15th of November, 6:00 pm (CET) “Next level of sustainability management – Part 2″: SASB use cases, advantages, goals // Data collection, multiple facilities, data quality, reporting in WeSustain

>> Speakers: Eli Reismann, Director of Partnerships at SASB & Niclas Schwarz, CSR product manager at WeSustain

>> Duration: 40 minutes + questions and discussion

>> Register: To register please contact Marika Maczutajtis via email marika.maczutajtis@wesustain.com. Last call for registrations is the 1st of November.

>> Language: English

>> Our partner: SASB