Hanover, 09.01.2018: WeSustain’s Declaration of Conformity opens reporting season of the DNK.

Once again, we submitted our DNK Conformity statement. With our 2017 declaration, we were the first to be updated in the DNK database this year.

In a Declaration of Conformity, companies report how they comply with the 20 criteria of the DNK or explain plausibly why a criterion may not be reported. The declaration of conformity is entered in the DNK database and can be viewed by anyone who is interested. In particular, financial analysts and investors use this to assess sustainability performance of companies.

The German Sustainability Code (DNK) is an internationally applicable reporting standard for sustainability aspects. The Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) decided on the DNK on 13 October 2011 after an upstream, comprehensive stakeholder process. The German Sustainability Code (DNK) provides a framework for reporting on non-financial benefits, which can be used by organizations and companies of all sizes and legal forms.