14 Jan 2016

Entrepreneurs, sustainability managers and csr experts will join an interactive dialogue! Exchange of experience and knowledge regarding corporate social responsibility is one of the event’s main objectives. WeSustain will act as a partner of the 2nd CSRcamp on January 25th at Berlin’s eco-friendly event center “Jerusalemkirche”.


12 Jan 2016

More and more companies are focussing intensively on the operational sustainability management. Particularly in the context of the upcoming EU directive on non-finacial reporting – entering into force next year – the topic is gaining in importance. As all conventional solutions, such as Excel sheets and emails, cannot fulfil the requirements of an increasing complexity level, a large number of companies are facing new chellanges now. In some cases a professionional csr management even has not been implememented yet. There is a wide range of questions regarding an appropriate solution: which functions do we really need? Which providers and systems do exist and which solution meets the company‘s specific requirements?


14 Dec 2015

After a successful launch in the last year, we will continue our training partnership with the “Sustainability Code” in 2016. Both parties are looking forward to intensifying the existing cooperation in the coming year.

The training concept has been developed by the German Council for Sustainable Development to show companies – small and medium sized ones in particular – how to use the Code and thus how to report on their sustainability activities. (more…)